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I specialize in helping people who are going through difficult life phases and major transitions that are causing anxiety, depression, general dissatisfaction, or relationship conflict. 

Are you having difficulty adjusting to the end of a relationship or working through problems in your partnership? Have you suffered a loss from which you are struggling to recover? Feeling anxious about job changes, starting school, or a new role? I am here to help you cope with challenges and facilitate the change you wish to make. I can also help you to increase self-knowledge, improve your overall functioning, and increase life satisfaction.

I am flexible in using an approach suited to the individual client, whether that is cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, psychodynamic, or relational therapy. I provide long-term treatment, short-term goal-directed therapy, and single sessions for consultation and assistance in problem solving on a particular issue.

I also work with people who are seeking therapy for self-actualization in that they are working to reach their potential, whether that is a higher level of functioning, a greater sense of purpose, or a deeper enjoyment of life. 

I offer a free fifteen minute phone consultation to discuss whether I can assist you with your particular issue or goals. Call 626-429-9261 and leave a brief message with your contact information and the general issue for which you are seeking assistance and I will call you back shortly (typically within 24 hours).

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597 E. Green St. Ste. 202 Pasadena, CA 91101

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